Sunday, September 5, 2010


For me, summer isn't summer without a good camping trip. Our family hasn't had a good camping trip for a long time (I'm guessing over 4 years) and this summer we decided to finally change that. A few weeks ago we bought a tent trailer, which we thought would be perfect for our little family. This weekend we took it out for the first time.

Although our trip was a little rough around the edges the tent trailer worked out perfectly. We camped at Lake Crescent, which isn't very far away from where we live and is very beautiful all year round. It is surrounded by mountains and forests,

which are crawling (quite literally) with beautiful wildlife,

and the lake itself is breathtaking. Most of the time it's too cold for swimming, but it's very refreshing in late July through August.

Our oldest had a great time. She went kayaking and swimming out on the lake and had a particularly great time catching (and releasing) itty-bitty trout in the creek by our camping spot.

For me, the weekend was quiet. Usually I would spend the majority of my time outdoors, but this time around with a six-week-old baby in tow and chilly winds blowing outside, I ended up spending most of my time relaxing with her inside the trailer...

And between naps and snuggling I managed to knit half a sock over the weekend. The yarn is the mystery fish polwarth which I spun earlier this summer and the pattern is the Longjohn Sock pattern by Anne Hanson. I didn't know what to expect from this yarn and pattern combination but so far I'm loving how they're coming along.

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